Monday, 15 September 2014

Blogging Round Two

I'm sitting here, with some kids who are attending a workshop on blogging.  A couple already have set up accounts and are looking at adding gadgets and others are asking, 'what is a gadget?'

So, I'm modelling and sharing at the same time.  We've chatted purpose (sharing thoughts, sort of like facebook, making connections with other like minds, and getting feedback with others) global connections online.

Some of the ideas are:
- Sharing a passion of photography See L-Js Blog
- Sharing findings from a student inquiry into google technology.  See Nicola's Blog
- Sharing achievements with others and goals.  See Cassady's Blog

Here we are in Learning Common 3

Thursday, 4 September 2014

First Indication of Interest

I think it's been about a week since I first floated the idea of a class blog as a project.  It's taken a week until I've had any questions or interest shown.   The content suggests they think they'll be supporting me which makes me think I need to encourage them to dream bigger and realise they can drive this project!  I'm wanting to create a space of student authorship and ownership however perhaps I need to think of additional scaffolds.