Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Photography Group Shot for My Story. Our Story. Your Story

Today our photography group has taken a couple of group shots to upload to the collaborative photography project.  We took photos around school and tried to share how creative we are, make our shot unique, have fun with our ideas and show a little bit of school.

Here are a couple of the photos.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Visual Provocations for Photography

Our photography group is thinking about what images we could use to communicate information about ourselves.  We explored some blogs, that show images of children, from around the world in their homes.  Some of the images were quite difficult to look at, as they showed poverty and what appeared to be a hard way of life.  We reflected on our own bedrooms and homes and thought about what they tell about us and our families.

If you would like to see more click here

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

School From A Different Perspective

We are exploring points of view and exploring looking at the objects, people and spaces at Hobsonville Point Primary through a different lens.

These are a few of our shots that we took today.

Try taking photos from the perspective of a mouse, bird, different angles to add interest to your shots. Inspiration:  The Chicago Portfolio School Tours

Engaging With Science

A few snapshots of our science investigations as we delved into what it means to be a scientist!  We shared our learning with the rest of the school and they gave us feedback.  We reflected on our own learning and that you don't just 'do' a project then it ends.  We are now spinning off on our learning and following areas of interest or developing Ted Talks to effectively communicate our discoveries with others.  We found it hard to share our learning with 5 year olds as we had to use lots of visual prompts and adjust how we verbally shared some of the concepts.  

Jaden and T.K introducing our sharing with some juniors.  It was also Halloween!

We also learnt that you need to be flexible in your thinking, be able to justify your thinking and follow a process.

It was fun, engaging, at times frustrating and put us in the learning pit.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Our School: In Thirds

LC3 Courtyard

The Gym

Photos by: Javena & Davina

Rule of Thirds

In today's workshop we talked about light and the 'rule of thirds' and have started to explore composition.  It's a cloudy day in Auckland so the light is diffused and we will be trying to avoid it in our photography shots as it tends to make the pictures too bright.

Our photography group is very excited as we will joining and are looking forward to contributing to this fantastic collaborative photography project.

We will be reflecting on our photos on our own (students) blogs and giving each other feedback.  We have already discussed that what is communicated and interpreted could differ from person to person and this is a part of the magic of photography.