Saturday, 26 August 2017


What a fabulous week full of learning we have had!  We had our final session in gymnastics, the children really enjoyed getting to try out different equipment and challenge themselves.  

We have completed our projects around our Energy theme, and these are on display within our common or on our learning journey wall for you to come and view.  The children worked really hard on these.

It was great to see so many grandparents visit on Friday to share our learning.  It was very busy and the children were very excited to share their learning.  Also a big thank you if you have visited the book fair to buy a book.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Week 3

Week Three Fun

Hello Everyone! Here's a rundown of week 3.

This is our last week of projects and the children have been super engaged in their learning, it has been a real hiss and a roar and a whizz, bang, pop!  We have two chemical reaction groups, one focussing on kitchen chemistry, making hokey pokey and play dough so far. The other has been making carbon dioxide boats and testing different acids. We have a project group looking at animals, another studying the solar science and the stars and our final group is looking into sound and vibration.Their focus has been research, questioning skills and presenting their findings. Once the projects are complete we will work on getting our learning journey wall complete.

Art is a passion of many of our students and our LC3 teachers. This week we have been learning about the work of Van Gogh. We have created our impression of ‘Sunflowers’ using a range of mediums. Please come into our common and check out our art wall displays.

Basic Facts are a real focus in numeracy this term. Please make sure your children are learning their basic facts cards during the week. We are setting up lots of cool activities around the common to help promote their numeracy skills.

PINS ran wonderfully this week. The students were organised and are really getting the hang of running their own workshops. If any parents are able to join us on a Friday in running these that would be fantastic. Some of our students have also run cooking classes with our international students!

We are all looking forward to an action packed and engaging term of learning.

Angela, Jody and Ashley

Sunday, 6 August 2017

WEEK 2, Term 3 2017

This week we have had our second session of gymnastics, which the children are really enjoying.  It is great to see the children challenging themselves and trying something new.  We are continuing to work in our project groups, following the questions that the children have brainstormed.  Some children have already made some great reflections on their learning so far.  On Friday during our PINs sessions, some children led a workshop for the very first time - we are very proud of you!  We were very lucky to have some of the international students lead workshops for our children - learning Chinese and playing Chinese games.
In the afternoon we finished off our week singing with LC1 (led by the very talented Sharee).