Friday, 29 August 2014

It's On The Planner: Collaborative Projects

I've been pondering how to get the students involved in this blog.  Traditionally, I'd have done a bit of a 'sell' but I want the process to ignite the intrinsic motivation of the kids and for them to be the creative owners.  I also want create freedoms for the kids to make connections between real needs, tap into some empathy and put themselves in others shoes.

So....., my plan is to introduce this next Monday (see a snapshot of learning for the morning below) in a way that explores the problems, with kids owning this process as much as possible.

I'm hoping they'll make connections to a project like this one (or many) then we'll go from there...I recently watched a video about Google x projects (Intro to Moonshot Thinking) and it sparked some reflection on how we can mirror the collaborative process here in a school.

Our morning slot, in the senior common, for next Monday.  A series of tasters to ignite some interests..

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