Friday, 19 August 2016

Term 3...busy, busy, busy

Trust License
Next week students will be issued a trust license. We have co-constructed what this will look like with the students. We have three levels of license - learner - restricted - full. With each license, students are given different permissions around the learning common and school. Students have identified which license they feel they should be awarded and together with their LA's, these will be given out next week.

We are well underway with our class projects. All students are working in a group and will be finished in the next couple of weeks.  We will send out details closer to the time for you to come and see the process they have undertaken and the finished products.  

Persuasive Language
Most Literacy groups are going to be focussing on persuasive language for both reading and writing. Be prepared for some persuasive conversations coming your way!

Lights Out...Power Out!
By Darroch
On Wednesday the world nearly ended, the power went out in the school. No internet, no air conditioner. Horrible I know, but in our hours of dire need a teacher/hero rose and made us do school work that didn’t require power. Amy (the Hero) got us try and sell a product written on a piece of paper which was really fun. Next, she got us choose a side so we could debate it, also really fun. Finally, we got  into teams and were given a side and a debate, we had 20 mins to write a debate and debated our point against another team. All and all Wednesday was great and I hope it happens again.

By Chanel

Last week we had our first round of MasterCheferchef 2016. Masterchef is a cooking competition where groups of 4 get together to come up with a recipe and cook it in the short amount of time given. In this years MasterChef competition there are 8 teams of 4 competing. All 8 teams are split into two groups so group 1, 3, 5, and 7 would compete in week one then groups 2, 4, 6 and 8 would compete in week two and so on. Each week the groups are given a different challenge, there are challenges such as  limited budgets or limited ingredients every week the groups will have something new to challenge them. All the groups are judged on 4 important things: teamwork, cleanliness, presentation and taste. All of the teams have to find a recipe that will meet the expectations of the judges and the challenge set for them.

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