Monday, 12 September 2016

Immersion Block 3: Changes

We have started our new concept for this block of learning. We are looking at Effective Communication through the context of change.

Some of the big questions that will drive our learning are:
  • How important is change?
  • Can kindness change the world?
  • Can one person change the world?
Last week we introduced the concept, discussing the changes that are just around the corner (e.g. changing learning commons, schools, friends, etc).

This week our students will understand that to manage change they develop knowledge, understandings, skills and attitudes to maintain and enhance personal well-being and physical development.  Today each LC3 student became a "parent" adopting an egg for the week. We are looking into responsibility and taking care of something greater than ourselves. Already we have had some interesting parenting styles. Check out the pictures from this morning:

Over the week we will be looking at different aspects of responsibility. On Friday we will be having the Nest team come and lead the positive puberty sessions. This will be a full day programme (year 5 & 6's together and the year 7 & 8's together) however, for parts of the day the girls and boys will be separated.

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