Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Class Blogs: What's the point?

Often blogs are set up and run by teachers, with the main purpose to share celebrations of learning with parents.  Teachers are at the helm, steer the ship and create the content.  There's a lot of benefit in sharing in this way, connecting with parents etc however we want to push things further.

At Hobsonville Point School, in LC3, we honour student voice.  They design the learning and we facilitate the journey.  They have ideas, are active problem seekers and solvers.  We don't want to stifle that but empower them and guide them to engage in meaningful learning.

This blog will evolve as we hand-over to our kids.  They'll shape the design, purpose and populate this blog. They are the innovators, creators and bring the energy.

We're excited to see where this will go ... watch this space!

LC3 Learning Advisors

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